Top 5 Tips on Kick-Starting Your Business in 2019

Top 5 Tips on Kick-Starting Your Business in 2019 1

If you always do what you’ve always done,

You’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

Kicking off 2019 the same way we had in the past, wasn’t an option for us!  I made a decision in late 2018 that 2019 would be the year of grasping new ways of doing things and pushing myself and the team outside our comfort zones.

Yes, it can be easier said than done but I resolved to take what I’ve learned and apply it differently. In the spirit of sharing with the people that support me, I thought I would share with you my “Top 5 Tips to Kick-start your Business in 2019:

  1. What’s your Number #1 Business Goal for this year?
    If there was one key milestone that you wanted to achieve for your business this year what would it be? Rather than having a lengthy “to-do” List, start instead with the number one goal for your business in 2019. Having one clear goal will help you focus. Everything else should align with this goal, one step at a time.
    Our #1 goal for Sunlife this year is to engage more frequently with our existing clients and grow a new audience of ideal customers by providing quality communication that is inspiring and useful. Aside from aiming to provide a customer experience beyond expectation, our main goal is to establish ourselves within our local community as a trusted source of quality financial services and centre of excellence.
    As one of my favourite authors and motivational speakers, Keith Abraham says: “Establishing true goal alignment enables an individual to live their personal and professional lives energised and with direction” – Wow!
    Keith Abraham has some free tools available on his website to help you here.
  2. Know your numbers. Having a profit and cashflow forecast is all well and good, but if you don’t know your numbers then all the forecasting in the world won’t help you grow or scale your business. Some months are better (or worse) than others where income can be erratic, so if you want to stop chasing your tail you need to plan your growth strategy, and the best place to start is by knowing what it costs to keep the doors open. Once you’ve determined your operating costs, you can then plan your growth strategy for 2019 by factoring in marketing expenses (and other items) that will help grow your business.
  3. Establish (or enhance) your Digital Marketing Strategy. Connecting (and staying connected!) with your ideal audience should be your top priority. What’s your key message(s) going to be for 2019? Who is your target audience or ideal client? This comes down to how well you know your clients, their goals, dreams, ambitions and their struggles, roadblocks and issues preventing them from achieving them. In today’s world, most people rely on social media or the internet as their “source of truth”, so your business needs to have a strong social media & internet presence to have any chance of generating enquiries or new business. If your anything like us (we’re no digital media experts) I recommend engaging a reputable marketing company with a proven track record to help you connect with your ideal customers, deliver the key messages for your business and generate new business!
  4. Referral Program (its all about creating momentum)
    The greatest compliment a client can give you is by referring their friends or family members. The problem is, without a proper system in place for facilitating referrals you can’t rely or predict when your next client will walk through the door. We are working towards creating a system that makes it easier for our clients to refer their family or friends. Whilst most of our clients would be happy to promote us without any expectation, there will be a small reward in appreciation as our way of saying “thanks”.
  5. Who’s in your A-Team? (establishing your team of “Go-To” professionals)
    You won’t always have the solution or answer to every problem or obstacle your business encounters. You also don’t have the expertise or time to research and do everything yourself – that’s impossible! Every successful business owner that I’ve spoken to has their own list of “Go-To” Professionals they turn to for expertise in their respective fields. Below are the areas we’ve identified as key components of our business where we rely on external professionals. (Review the areas you need advice or expertise on and build your own A-Team of experts that will help make things happen!). Here’s an example.

    Top 5 Tips on Kick-Starting Your Business in 2019 2
    Who’s in your A-Team? Create your business eco-system.

These 5 key tips all have impact on the critical areas of your business and with the right plan in place and buy-in from the people around you, can set you on a path of creating opportunity this year. Keep yourself accountable for the steps you take to ensure that remain aligned to your goals and pat yourself on the back as you achieve each milestone that brings you closer to what success means to you.
The team at Sunlife Group are already busy making 2019 a year full of new ways of doing things and embracing new opportunities each day. We wish you every success in your own business and look forward to you reaching out and sharing 2019 with us.

What’s the first step you will be taking to kickstart your business this year?

by Steve Luman AFP,TPB, ADFP


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