The Great Woman Beside The Great Man!

The Great Woman Beside The Great Man! 1

“Behind every great man, there is a great woman.”

At least I think that’s how the saying goes! At least, I see myself not behind my man but beside him every step of the way. And it has always been that way for us. We are a team and together we share in all our aspirations and life’s adventures together.

I haven’t always been kind to myself seeing myself as a great woman. As women, we don’t often give ourselves the credit we deserve; we can be hard on ourselves. Always trying to exceed expectations!

However, I learnt to be kind to myself from an early age. My father was diagnosed with Leukaemia when I was 14 and our world as we knew it in the beginning came crashing down.  Dad was not going to let this disease beat him, not physically and not mentally. He read, he meditated, he took disgusting boiled herbs, he learnt Thai Chi. Dad used all he had to fight this disease and life for us went on.

My father spoke to me often quoting his motto “The Power of Positive thinking”. At first I had no idea what this annoying saying meant as every time I was down about some failure, Dad would banter it’s all about “the power of positive thinking”!

In my father’s eye’s there was no failure; from every situation there was something you could learn. It was important that you stay positive, pick yourself up and go again. Little by little I began to believe him; I have always kept that motto for myself and I’m now trying to instil this in my daughters.

Steve and I have had many “learning” situations. It has made us stronger. Stronger as individuals and stronger as a couple. It has taught us a lot about life, people, business, money, friendships and staying positive, finding solutions and working through things as a couple.  No matter what we have been through we don’t look at these situations as failure we see them as growth, wisdom and knowledge.

So now in my life’s adventure I have left my passion of caring for others to stand beside my man and start a new journey for me being the woman in the business along side the man! Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger.

The Great Woman Beside The Great Man! 2

Happy International Women’s day!

by Jillian Luman 


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