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Five Financial habits to start

Like any habit, our financial behaviours are formed by doing the same actions repeatedly until they’re second nature. That’s great if you’ve got into the routine of saving regularly – but not so good if you’re one to whip out the credit card on impulse. With the right approach, you can turn those less-than-helpful financial habits into healthy behaviours. Research shows one way to avoid falling back into old ways is to replace them with healthier habits. Other useful strategies include: Making smaller changes rather than big, dramatic ones. Choosing specific actions like ‘I’m going to transfer $100 into a...
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Five Financial habits to start 1

A guide to managing financial anxiety

Finances are one of the biggest sources of stress in Australia. Whether it’s worrying about making ends meet or planning for the future, anxiety around money can be a huge burden and can affect the quality of your work, life and relationships. I hope this article provides you with a few proactive steps you can take to lighten the mental load. Recognise your anxiety and try to determine the source Anxiety can rear its head in lots of ways – maybe you’re short-tempered, not sleeping well or lacking the motivation to do things around the house. The first step to...
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A guide to managing financial anxiety 2
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