Can I meet with a financial planner by myself?

Can I meet with a financial planner by myself? 1

In QandA with Steve, we talk about some of the questions we receive from people just like you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed about your finances but talking to a financial planner is just the first step in creating your financial freedom.

If you have decided you want to plan your future together, I would suggest meeting together as a couple. Couples who talk openly about money and decide on their financial goals together tend to have more success in sticking to a financial plan and achieving their desired results.

In most circumstances, one person in a couple is usually more in control of the finances than the other, but its very important for both people to know what the overall plan is and where your money is going. When you align your individual personal goals with your combined financial goals, it becomes much easier to stick to the plan and kick your goals.

However, if you’ve reached a point in your life where it’s time for you to go solo, then have your first meeting as a one on one and go from there. The key to getting your financial freedom underway is doing what is right for you.

If you need help with this and achieving what you are working towards why not book a time to chat with me here, at no cost to you!


Note: The above information has been provided as general information and you should seek advice specific to your personal circumstances before taking any action.

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