Sunlife Case Study – John and Natalie

John and Natalie

In the beginning…

Married, with two older children (19 & 22)
Home owners (17 years)
Self-employed Business owners
Own their Business premises (recently purchased, paying off commercial loan)
Small amount in savings
Super (more than $230,000, combined)
Credit cards (Business & personal)
Investments (none, other than business premises)

John & Natalie have owned their business for many years, having worked hard to pay off their family home and send their kids to private schools. Some months are better than others, and as most small business owners know managing your cashflow can be the difference between staying in business or going bust. A few years ago, John & Natalie decided to make a bold move and purchase a new business premises, requiring them to refinance their family home and take on a new commercial loan. The pressure of juggling business cashflow and meeting repayments for the new commercial loan, home loan and business overdraft/credit card debt was affecting their lifestyle & well being. They had very little time for anything other than their business, and are concerned with the amount of debt they still have and a looming retirement (for which they feel under prepared).


  • Reduce Debt
  • Free up capital to upgrade kitchen, bathroom and outdoor entertaining area
  • Improve monthly cashflow
  • Take control of their superannuation
  • Start an investment strategy to create wealth for their future


By restructuring their financial position, we were able to eliminate their debt against the family home and commercial loan saving them around $3,938 per month in repayments (that’s $47,256 per year in savings).
As business owners (operating from the business premises they purchased), we were able to set up a self-managed super fund and transfer the business real property as an asset, using their super fund balance and a smaller loan.
This enabled them to have their business “pay rent” to their super fund, which in effect was paying off their SMSF loan.
The reduction in loan repayments (savings of $3,938 per month) enabled them to start a “personal contributions” strategy into their SMSF resulting in a further reduction of taxable income, and the extra payments were directed towards paying down their new SMSF loan. This strategy could see them debt free and owning the asset in approximately 9-10 years.
Now that we had freed up some capital, John and Natalie were finally able to renovate their kitchen, bathroom and outdoor entertaining area after many years of going without.

Where are they now?

“We had been paying too much tax and juggling our finances for a very long time and that led to us not planning ahead.  For the first time we are on the road to becoming debt free and looking at creating a lifestyle that we can all enjoy.  We’ve even established a savings plan for the whole family for our next holiday!”

John & Natalie

Sunlife Financial and Sunlife Group are no longer trading and the businesses are permanently closed.

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