Case Studies

Sunlife Case Study – John and Natalie

John and Natalie have owned their business for many years, having worked hard to buy their family home and send their kids to private schools. Some months are better than others, and as most small business owners know managing your cashflow can the difference between staying in business or going bust.
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Sunlife Case Study – Jason and Louise

Jason & Louise had been managing their successful business for many years, having paid off their home (no debts) and accumulated a large amount of savings over the years. But like most business owners, they had very minimal super and no investments.
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Sunlife Case Study – Wayne and Fiona

Although their business had good turnover, Wayne & Fiona were feeling the pressure of juggling the various loan and debt repayments and felt they were treading water and not getting ahead financially. They also felt they had a lack of direction and didn’t feel financially secure.
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